Instructor-led Workshop

Spring into the AI Era: A Practical Exploration for Developers

Mark Pollack, Senior Staff Engineer, VMwareAdib Saikali, Principal Solutions Engineer, VMwareAsir Selvasingh, Principal Architect, Java on Azure, MicrosoftNeven Cvetkovic, Solution Engineering, VMware

Designed for Spring developers eager to harness the power of artificial intelligence, this hands-on workshop introduces you to the transformative potential of AI integration within your apps. The new wave of enterprise investment is driven by AI capabilities; as a Spring developer, this will impact you in three vital ways.

- You may need to infuse AI-driven features into an existing app. An example could be a support feature enabling customers to autonomously resolve issues.

- You may be tasked with crafting an AI-powered user interface, facilitating a seamless user experience. Imagine an online banking application answering complex queries such as, “What was my expenditure on dining over the past six months?”

- You may have to develop interfaces for exporting data from your applications to train “your” proprietary large language models.