Instructor-led Workshop

Hands-On Cloud Mastery: Deploying Spring Native Apps with GraalVM

Timothy Ng, Architect, MicrosoftMark Heckler, Principal Cloud Advocate, Java/JVM Languages, MicrosoftCandice Quates, Engineering Manager, VMwareNeven Cvetkovic, Solution Engineering, VMware

Join our hands-on workshop to master the art of building and deploying Spring Native applications to the cloud. Get first-hand experience with GraalVM's Native Image capability, which offers the key advantages of standalone executables such as quicker startup times and less runtime memory overhead compared to a traditional Java Virtual Machine (JVM). Throughout the workshop, you'll deploy Spring Boot native image applications using the Cloud Native Buildpack for Java Native Image. As the process of building Java native images with GraalVM can be resource-intensive due to the complicated compilation and optimization stages, we'll provide a platform with ample resources, enabling a more efficient and faster image building process.