Breakout Session

From Zero to Hero: Coding Spring Boot Applications in Visual Studio Code

Rory Preddy, Principal Cloud Advocate, MicrosoftUdayani V, MTS, VMware

Visual Studio Code is rapidly evolving into a complete coding environment for building enterprise-grade and cloud-ready applications using Java and Spring Boot. In this beginners-oriented, hands-on, live coding session, we will walk through the Java and Spring Boot experience on Visual Studio Code to demonstrate that this environment is ready to be used for this purpose—and has a number of advantages over existing, oftentimes quite heavyweight IDEs. This session will cover basic Java tooling in Visual Studio Code; the Spring Initializr integration; the editor-focused coding support for Spring apps; testing, running and debugging Spring Boot apps; how to see live information from running Spring apps in Visual Studio Code; and running and deploying Spring apps in Docker and Kubernetes platforms. We will cover all the new features and capabilities that got added to Spring Tools for Visual Studio Code in the latest releases.