Meet the Expert Roundtable

Application Observability with the Micrometer and Spring Observability Team

Tommy Ludwig, Staff Software Engineer, VMwareJonatan Ivanov, Staff Software Engineer, VMware

The Micrometer and Spring Observability team would like to talk to you about application observability in production, answer questions, and learn about the latest practices and challenges in your real-world usage of observability. Micrometer is integrated into the Spring portfolio (and other frameworks) to provide out-of-the-box observability while remaining flexible to your custom needs. We regularly work on the Micrometer project and observability instrumentation in our jobs, and we want to get your perspective on observability in production and share ours. Let us know what tools you use, share stories of production incidents and how you used (or would have used) observability, and ask us anything about observability in this casual discussion.