SpringOne Essentials Schedule

What’s on TAP? Refining Modern Spring Application Development


Today’s contemporary applications consist of multiple microservices orchestrating data across a multitude of communication protocols, processing paradigms, and data services. There are a lot of moving parts to these applications making building and maintaining them challenging for even the most seasoned developer.

VMware Tanzu Application Platform is designed to help ease the pain developers feel when building complex modern applications. It combines innovative developer tooling and technology-specific conventions to make building, testing, deploying, debugging, and maintaining applications of various degrees of complexity easier than you could ever imagine!

This session will demonstrate the capabilities of Tanzu Application Platform and how it enables developers to easily build contemporary Spring apps. Using several examples, you will learn about multiservice architecture, service discovery, service binding, asynch messaging, functions and eventing, scale to zero, non-HTTP workloads, and more.