, 2021

2021 Workshops

Getting Started with Steeltoe

Are you creating new .NET microservices for the cloud? Modernizing existing applications? Or are you just plain moving apps to containers? In all cases, Steeltoe is here to make your life much easier. In this workshop, we’ll take a basic ASP.NET Core webapi project and make it a cloud rock star with (surprisingly) little code. Along the way, the app will use:

  • Spring Cloud Config for centralized configuration
  • MSSQL cloud connectors for dynamically bound cloud services
  • Spring Boot Admin for observability
  • Zipkin server for visualizing distributed traces

Participants will be working out of a provided Visual Studio instance with a preloaded .NET solution. You’ll follow a step-by-step instruction to enhance the API project with Steeltoe and connect to (provided) instances of MSSQL, Spring Cloud Config, Zipkin dashboard, and Spring Boot admin.


  • Basic ASP.NET development skills
  • Familiarity with running basic OS commands from a command prompt or PowerShell



John Bush

Martez Killens