, 2021

2021 Workshops

Getting Started with Spring Cloud Data Flow and Confluent Cloud

The world generates an unfathomable amount of data every minute of every day, and it continues to multiply at a staggering rate. Companies in every industry are shifting from batch processing to real-time data streams and event-driven architectures to keep up with modern business requirements. This influx of real-time data also means more complexity.

Luckily, cloud-native principles can be used to simplify the management of complex systems and full-stack architectures. In this hands-on workshop, attendees will learn how to build and run applications and a complete event streaming platform across multiple Kubernetes environments using a cloud-native approach. We will walk through a complete set of workflows where participants will:

  • Launch their own Minikube for a local development environment and access an existing Tanzu Kubernetes Grid for production
  • Deploy applications and the Confluent for Kubernetes platform for data in motion across both environments
  • Easily mirror data from the production environment to the development environment
  • Manage infrastructure declaratively and use GitOps to safely update applications in production
  • See how Tanzu Mission Control is used as a global control plane across both development and production Kubernetes environments


  • Docker Hub account



Tim Hyde

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