, 2021 ·


Ruchi Gupta

Solutions Architect, Voya Financial

Ruchi is a Solutions Architect at Voya Financials and has played a key role in digital transformation journey.

A passionate cloud technologist help design and build scalable, resilient and modern application development. Ruchi has been part of this evolving and innovative digital transformation journey from Inception and looking at how our requirements take the form of a Microservices architecture, Application roadmap and deliver production-ready applications.

Ruchi has been a key player in Voya's innovation space and has designed and developed voice applications for Alexa, Google home and AWS services.

Ruchi has a Masters in computer applications and loves to take time reading books which inspire her and helps her with day-to-day work. A few recent books on her shelf include The Phoenix Project, Kubernetes up & Running and many more.