, 2021

2021 Breakout Sessions

Rapid Development with Azure Spring Cloud


Track: Architecture

VMware and Microsoft teamed up to create Azure Spring Cloud—a fully managed service for Spring Boot and .NET Core apps operated by Microsoft. Azure Spring Cloud makes it easy to get your apps to production by almost eliminating time spent managing infrastructure.

Join Josh Long and Julien Dubois as they provide an overview of Azure Spring Cloud while doing a live coding demo.

You’ll see firsthand how easy it is to:

  • Deploy an application using a JAR file or code
  • Automatically wire your app with Spring Cloud infrastructure, including service discovery, configuration management, and distributed tracing
  • Scale up and down based on load or schedule using Autoscale
  • Monitor your apps with logs, metrics, and tracing

Josh Long

Spring Developer Advocate

Julien Dubois

Java Developer Advocacy Manager

Layla Porter

Developer Advocate, .NET communities