, 2021

2021 Breakout Sessions

Bootiful Vaccine Scavenger: A Tale of the Pragmatic Spring Framework


Track: Beginner-Friendly Spring

This is a tale of a recent application development project set out to fill in a value gap of an all-too-familiar problem in today’s world of COVID: how to find a vaccine appointment. The problem set to create such an application isn’t a far reach, but what technologies would be best suited? This where the Spring framework and its companion technologies really shine.

The app featured in this session is more than an academic endeavor in the developer experience, but the value it provides as a learning tool for solving a “real” real-world application is invaluable.

This session will dive into how various Spring concepts are applied to this real-world application and will build up from simple to ever increasing complex concepts:

  • Spring configuration
  • Data modeling
  • Data access with Spring Data
  • Web service access (WebClient and Feign)
  • Spring Cloud Streams
  • Publishing to social media platforms

Greg Meyer

Director, Distinguished Engineer
Cerner Corp.