Sep 2–3, 2020

2020 Schedule

DevSecOps with Confidence

How to ship code faster in production without sacrificing security? How to maintain consistency in CI/CD pipelines with growing fragmentation of Kubernetes? These are quintessential challenges faced by enterprises. DevOps practitioners need a mental model & actionable toolset to build robust software delivery pipelines.

Security of containers starts with a secure base image. Tanzu Build Service automates code-to-container workflows. Rebase without a rebuild delivers CVE fixes at scale. Harbor is embedded in the CI/CD pipeline to further secure images with RBAC, scan for CVEs & sign images as trusted. Traffic management in Tanzu Service Mesh helps with canary deployments. Metrics driven canaries, Testcontainers and API contracts help improve reliability of pipelines. We’ll demonstrate a GitOps based path to prod using Argo.

Come to this session to learn how Tanzu simplifies DevSecOps.

Maria Gabriella Brodi

Sr. Solution Engineer, VMware

Prasanna Upperi

Senior Platform Architect, VMware

Track: Cloud Native Platforms