SpringOne Essentials 2023

What will SpringOne Essentials be like?

This virtual event will be free to attend and will feature select talks and AMAs with the Spring engineering team.

What time is the event?

We’re offering two options during different timeframes for the event to accommodate our global community. The same content will be streamed during each event. Check out our Schedule page and register here.

How can I submit a question for the Ask Me Anything session?

You can submit your questions on Discord in the Q+A channel.

When will the session recordings be available?

Session recordings will be available for registered event attendees starting February 3 and to the public starting February 13.

What will the in-person experience in 2023 be like?

The in-person SpringOne event will be hosted alongside VMware Explore in 2023. More details will be announced soon on springone.io and the Explore websites.

SpringOne 2022

Why are you changing the format of SpringOne 2022?

These past couple of years have been a challenging time for all with the pandemic, leaving us all wanting to gather together professionally and personally. This year started fresh with many events returning to an in-person format but starting in the second half of this year, we have seen the macroeconomic slowdown significantly impact organizations across every industry.
While we want the opportunity to gather in person, we have heard you. Recent changes in corporate travel and expense policies have impacted many of us. Although many of you have expressed interest in attending SpringOne, many more are now unable to. This event is for the community and in order to make it more accessible to everyone, we have made the decision to pivot SpringOne to an online program to be hosted in January/February. The in-person experience is being postponed to later in 2023, hosted alongside our VMware Explore US event. VMware Tanzu is deeply committed to the Spring community and the technology and look forward to celebrating, sharing, and reconnecting with you in 2023.

When will I get a refund for my ticket?

We will begin processing refunds on Monday, November 7, 2022.

What should I do if I bought a ticket and booked travel?

Hotel reservations made within the SpringOne block through springone.io will be automatically canceled — no action is required. If you booked directly with InterContinental or Marriott or at a different hotel, you’ll be responsible for canceling your own reservations.

You’ll also be responsible for canceling your booked flight. Please work directly with your airline to see your options. We are truly sorry for the inconvenience this has caused you.

What does this mean for the Spring community?

VMware Tanzu is deeply committed to the Spring community and technology. We are excited to share the innovation across Spring and in our Developer Solutions in January/February and to celebrate with the community. Stay tuned!

Is this changing because of Broadcom? Is this an indication of VMware Tanzu’s importance with the pending acquisition?

No, this is not because of Broadcom. As for VMware Tanzu, you can read Hock Tan’s point-of-view on cloud native apps here.

But XYZ conference in EMEA was full, what’s the difference?

While we’ve seen events in EMEA come back with much success this past year (Spring I/O, Devoxx, Explore, etc.), events in the Americas have not had the same rebound due to the macroeconomic issues identified previously. Just this month, we’ve heard from other companies that previously approved T&E for conferences were rejected before the event. This is an evolving situation in the Americas. Conferences like JavaOne, KubeCon, and others in the US resulted in events that were significantly off of historic norms.

I was registered for SpringOne 2022. Do I need to register again for SpringOne Essentials?

Yes, you’ll need to register. Registrations from the in-person event do not carry over to the virtual program.

What if I’m registered for SpringOne Essentials being held January 24–26 but want to register for February 1–3 event instead?

If you’d like to transfer your registration to a different date, please login to your account and navigate to the Register page.


What will happen to my breakout session for SpringOne 2022?

A speaker manager will be reaching out to you via e-mail on next steps for delivering your content virtually and/or in person.

I was a speaker for SpringOne 2022. Do I need to register again for SpringOne Essentials?

Yes, you’ll need to register.

Contact us

How can I contact the SpringOne team if I have more questions or want to provide feedback?

Email would be ideal. Please reach out to us at springone@vmware.com.