Instructor-led Workshop

Using Spring Cloud Data Flow to Run Spring Boot 2.x and 3.x Workloads

Glenn Renfro, Programmer, VMwareCorneil du Plessis, Staff Engineer, VMwareChris Bono, Staff Software Engineer, VMware

Spring Boot 3.x allows us to move workloads to Java 17 and the Jakarta EE world. However, this move is no minor undertaking. Many organizations may not have the luxury to migrate all applications at once. Join us in this workshop for an introduction to using Spring Cloud Data Flow (SCDF) as a powerful orchestration tool for managing both Spring Boot 2.x and 3.x stream and task/batch applications. You will gain practical insights into deploying your 2.x applications onto your platform using SCDF. Furthermore, we will demonstrate how SCDF's version control capabilities can simplify the update process to your 3.x applications. Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your understanding of SCDF's potential, and learn valuable techniques for seamless application deployment and version control within the Spring Boot ecosystem.