Instructor-led Workshop

Spring Security and OAuth 2.0: Step-by-Step

Josh Cummings, Spring Security Engineer, VMwareSteve Riesenberg, Software Engineer, VMware

What if you could build a secure OAuth/OIDC-based application with a member of the Spring team, step-by-step? What if you could learn together the security best practices, how to write security code idiomatically, and the underlying rationale behind the design of each component?

Dive into the latest features of Spring Authorization Server, Spring Security OAuth 2.0 Client and Resource Server, and Spring Cloud Gateway with Josh and Steve! All you need is a laptop, your favorite IDE, and a hunger to learn! You'll start with an unsecured REST API. In three hours, you'll secure it as an OAuth 2.0 Resource Server, front it with an API Gateway and OAuth/OIDC Client, and connect it to Spring Authorization Server, learning fundamental security principles and rationale as you go.