Spring Meets GemFire Meets Native: Take Your Spring Apps to the Next Level

Patrick Johnson, Member of Technical Staff, VMwareUdo Kohlmeyer, Senior Engineer, VMwareJohn Martin, Product Manager, VMware

In the world of constantly scaling microservices, milliseconds can be the difference between success and failure.

Spring Boot 3 now provides the ability to compile your Java applications into native images, which significantly decreases application start-up times. Using Spring Boot for VMware GemFire, it is now possible to take advantage of native images and the low-latency performance of GemFire. This allows you to meet the demands of ever-increasing workloads, time pressures, and scalability using VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid.

Using the power of Spring, GemFire, and Tanzu Kubernetes Grid, we will demonstrate how to take your Spring apps to the next level.