Breakout Session

Securing Web Apps in Kubernetes Using Spring Authorization Server

Joe Grandja, Spring Security Engineer, VMwareDaniel Garnier-Moiroux, Software Engineer, VMware

Spring Authorization Server is a framework that provides a secure, lightweight and customizable foundation for building OpenID Connect 1.0 identity providers and OAuth2 Authorization Server products.

Kubernetes is the gold standard for deploying cloud native applications, but it comes with new APIs, new workflows, new primitives, new security postures—and a whole new mindset. Spring Authorization Server is the perfect fit for creating authorization servers that leverage the capabilities the platform provides.

In this talk, we will show you how to use Spring Authorization Server to work seamlessly in your Kubernetes clusters. We will also demo the AppSSO component of VMware Tanzu Application Platform, built with Spring Authorization Server, which creates dedicated Kubernetes resources for managing AuthServers and ClientRegistrations.