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New Kid on the Block: Spring Security SAML

Marcus Da Coregio, Software Engineer, VMwareJosh Cummings, Software Engineer, VMware

SAML is still a big player in enterprise authentication. So two years ago, Spring Security began porting Spring Security SAML extensions over to Spring Security proper. Now, Spring Security supports SSO, SLO and metadata, all using the Spring programming model and following the Spring Security conventions with which you are familiar.

Come see how it all works. We will start with an unsecured application and integrate with a SAML identity provider. We will add single login, single logout, and metadata capabilities. Then we will add Spring Authorization Server, which will adapt SAML and allow the individual application to use OAuth, simplifying our application and allowing it to go native. You don’t want to miss seeing the strength and flexibility that Spring Security gives you to exercise these powerful authentication frameworks.