Breakout Session

Little Treasures: The Useful Spring Classes That You Might Not Know

Phil Webb, Software Engineer, VMwareMadhura Bhave, Engineering Manager, VMware

If you’re working with Spring, you’re probably used to writing @Service, @Component and @Controller beans. But do you know about some of the other utilities shipped inside the Spring jars?

In this presentation, we will dig into some of the lesser-known useful classes and utilities already on your classpath and available for use in your applications.

We will look at classes from Spring Framework and Spring Boot, including:

  • The ...Utils classes, such as ObjectUtils, StringUtils and ClassUtils
  • The Spring Assert class
  • The MultiValueMap interface
  • The recent Throwing... functional interfaces, such as ThrowingSupplier
  • The ConcurrentReferenceHashMap class and how it’s used for caches
  • How Spring deals with type erasure with classes, such as ResolvableType and LambdaSafe
  • The Spring Boot Binder and PropertyMapper classes
  • Some of the testing utilities

For each of these, we will talk about how they should be used and why they were created.

This presentation will be mostly live coding with plenty of opportunity for Q&A.