Breakout Session

Introducing Spring for Apache Pulsar

Chris Bono, Staff Software Engineeer, VMwareSoby Chacko, Staff Engineer, VMware

Spring for Apache Pulsar is a library that makes it easy to create standalone, production-grade applications based on Spring using Apache Pulsar that you can just run.

In this talk, we will explore Spring for Apache Pulsar by looking at the core features it provides, including Spring Cloud Stream binder, reactive support, and Pulsar IO/Functions support. See how this library unlocks developer velocity via Spring Boot foundations when designing pub-sub solutions with Apache Pulsar.

Apache Pulsar is a cloud native, multitenant, high-performance solution for server-to-server messaging and queuing built on the pub-sub pattern. Pulsar combines the best features of a traditional messaging system, such as RabbitMQ, with those of a pub-sub system, such as Apache Kafka.