Instructor-led Workshop

From IDE To Kubernetes: How Spring And TAP Make It Simple

Ryan Baxter, Software Engineer, VMwareGreg Meyer, Tanzu Application Architect, VMwareTimo Salm, Senior Lead Tanzu DevX Solution Engineer, VMware

Taking an application from your IDE to production on Kubernetes can be a daunting task. There are lots to think about beyond the application code that you wrote. Containerization, build pipelines, lots of YAML, the availability of external services, security, application configuration, best practices, it can become quite overwhelming. Tanzu Application Platform (TAP) is a developer friendly platform based on Kubernetes that makes going from your IDE building your Spring Apps straight to Kubernetes a simple click or CLI command. In this hands-on workshop you will learn about the Tanzu IDE Tools and CLI, using Tanzu Accelerator to easily get started, using services like databases and message queues, and how TAP makes going from development to production much easier.