Breakout Session

Experiences and Lessons Learnt Building a Multi-cloud Spring Boot Backend

Mark Nelson, Architect, Oracle

We will share our experiences building a multi-cloud Spring Boot backend platform. The surprises, the challenges, the solutions - tips and tricks. Covering Terraform, Ansible, Kubernetes, Database, Spring Config, Eureka, Conductor, Kafka, Spring Admin, Prometheus, Grafana, Open Telemetry. How we configured them, built images, optimized for performance and security, designed the install to run on multiple clouds and on-prem, use of operators, observability design, distributed tracing. Working with vaults, keys and secrets. Injecting database and messaging/event config into Spring Boot apps. Externalizing config. Managing data consistency across microservices using the Saga and Database per Service patterns. How we test the platform itself. We learnt a lot building this platform and we’d love to share our experiences with you!