Instructor-led Workshop

Closing the Gap: Upgrading your App from Spring Boot 2.x to 3.x

Dustin Ruehle, Director, Engineering, Tanzu Labs App Services, VMwareTom Collings, Solutions Architect, VMware

Please check in 15 minutes before the start time as seats are released to the standby attendees 5 minutes prior to the workshop start time.

Application teams are often focused on developing and shipping features fast which has the consequence of accumulating technical debt by falling behind the latest releases in the Spring Ecosystem. That tech debt has now become the blocker to unlocking the new capabilities of Spring Boot 3.x around increased security, performance, and observability, as well as decreasing the security posture of the apps by not staying current on CVE fixes. In this hands-on session, we will walk through upgrading a Spring Boot 2.x app to 3.x giving a foundation for paying down that debt and getting back to a continuous updating culture. This session will also reinforce what you saw in Phil Webb’s earlier session Mind the Gap: Jumping from Spring Boot 2.x to 3.x.