Dec 6–8, 2022San Francisco


Increase Developer Productivity with Spring and VMware Tanzu Application Platform

Tue, Dec 6 at 10:00 AM PT (120 min)


Get hands-on experience on the best place to run your Spring Boot apps on Kubernetes: VMware Tanzu Application Platform!

Learn how the choreography paradigm allows you to have a great developer experience on your path to production.


Adib Saikali



VMware Tanzu Application Service is an excellent runtime for Spring Boot, as evidenced by many of the customer stories at SpringOne over the years. However, as Kubernetes becomes the new infrastructure abstraction standard, there’s room for even better outcomes for Spring Boot on Kubernetes with VMware Tanzu Application Platform, which can run on any Kubernetes dial tone.

This workshop aims to show how easy it is to create and manage applications with Tanzu Application Platform. We’ll explore features such as TAP GUI (based on the Backstage OSS project), inner loop development within your IDE, API management, Application Live View, App Accelerators, and much more.

We’ll also be looking at how your code moves through supply chains. Supply chains are the responsibility of an app operator (sometimes referred to as the “DevOps engineer”), as it defines all the steps an application must go through on its path to production. Tanzu Application Platform is designed with a clear separation of concerns, where developers focus on what they know and care about (e.g., location of their git repository, service claims, type of workload), while app operators define the path to production based on developer input.


Spring Boot, Tanzu Application Platform (including App Live View, Cartographer, and App Accelerator)


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