Dec 6–8, 2022San Francisco


Hands-On with Azure Spring Apps Enterprise

Tue, Dec 6 at 1:00 PM PT (120 min)


Understand Azure Spring Apps Enterprise.

Get hands-on with running a cloud native Spring Boot-based microservices application on top of Azure Spring Apps Enterprise.

Get an overview of Azure Spring Apps Enterprise’s different components, and how they can be used to implement 12-factor patterns that make up a cloud native application.


Murthy Kakarlamudi


David Caron



Azure Spring Apps Enterprise is a managed platform-as-a-service (PaaS) for Spring applications, jointly offered by VMware and Microsoft. Azure Spring Apps Enterprise enables Spring developers to focus on application business logic, by allowing them to delegate infrastructure concerns to the underlying managed platform. The Enterprise version of Azure Spring Apps comes bundled with commercial VMware Tanzu components specifically built to address enterprise requirements. These include concerns such as API management, authentication/authorization, configuration management, and source-image creation. Azure Spring Apps Enterprise also has support for built-in service discovery, Vault for secrets management, and logging and observability, freeing developers and operators from the complexity of building and managing a production-grade platform. Organizations also benefit from making their apps cost-effective with autoscaling that can be tuned to run against a variety of parameters.


  • Basic familiarity with Java, Spring, and Maven/Gradle
  • Familiarity running OS commands from a command prompt
  • Java 8/11/17 installed
  • Maven/Gradle installed
  • Java IDE of choice (e.g., IntelliJ)
  • GitHub account