Dec 6–8, 2022San Francisco


WebAssembly for the Server-Side Developer

Track: Platforms and Stacks

Isn’t WebAssembly originally designed to run in web browsers? Sure it is, but it currently evolves pretty fast towards server-side use cases as well with WASI (the POSIX of WebAssembly), WebAssembly components, and various WebAssembly proposals.

Alberto and Sébastien will share their thoughts and a few experimentations to give you a glimpse of what is WebAssembly in 2022 and its possible evolution. They’ll show concrete use cases of WebAssembly, from plugin systems for proxy/gateway/service mesh use cases to compiling .NET, Java, Go, or Rust applications to WASI (the POSIX of WebAssembly) and run it in the cloud or edge platforms.

This session is also intended to provide honest feedback on the current status of the WebAssembly developer experience on topics like debugging, shared libraries, interoperability between languages, and ultimately help developers to understand better WebAssembly, when it can be used in production today, and when it is better to wait for it to be more mature.