Dec 6–8, 2022San Francisco


Use These Feedback Gems to Help Your Team Achieve Its Endgame

Track: People, Process, and Culture

Our agile universe has been corrupted. Long feedback loops mean we can't see problems until it's too late, causing chaos and destruction in the universe.

On this adventure, we’ll explore the remote parts of our galaxy looking for the 6 marvelous feedback gems that can save us:

  1. Mind:Testing—Find problems in our code sooner, removing chaos step by step.
  2. Time:Retros—Travel back in time allowing us to learn from our mistakes and change our future.
  3. Power:Pairing—Distribute knowledge between team members as if they are one powerful entity, making them resistant to failure.
  4. Space:CI/CD pipeline—Move things between environments automatically and if needed rollback before the destruction is irreversible.
  5. Reality:Stakeholder check in—Free our stakeholder's mind, allowing them to see the delivered value and use their powers to guide and unblock us.
  6. Soul:User research—Explore the multiverse so we can gather feedback from different realities to make sure we’re creating the right things.