Dec 6–8, 2022San Francisco


The Era of MyData: Accelerating Modernization with Agile Integration at KB Kookmin Bank

Track: Case Studies

KB Kookmin Bank is a global financial institution leading the Asian financial industry and the largest bank in South Korea. KB launched the MyData app, which allows customers to manage scattered information through various industries, including financial institutions and telecommunications, in one place. MyData app development was initially outsourced using waterfall processes by KB, ​​but faced challenges and issues of development productivity, performance, and customer experiences.

VMware Tanzu Labs partnered with KB Kookmin Bank to modernize the app using Tanzu Labs’ practices. As a result, KB improved dev productivity, software quality, and performance by modernizing and rewriting the MyData app. In addition, we simplified and decreased the number of MyData consent user flows by 35% to improve user experiences.

In this talk, we’ll discuss how to accelerate modernization with agile integration in a large enterprise like KB.