Dec 6–8, 2022San Francisco


Tame Your Spring Microservices with GraphQL and Macroservices

Track: Intermediate/Advanced Spring

Airbnb, Paypal, Netflix, and others are modernizing their backend services to use GraphQL in order to tame the complexity of microservices at scale. “Macroservices,” an adaptation of the backend-for-frontend (BFF) pattern, can reduce the complexity of calling multiple services by aggregating the data with GraphQL. Macroservices can be easily implemented by running a GraphQL engine in Kubernetes using Envoy.

In this talk, you will see an implementation of macroservices to simplify a Spring GraphQL microservice architecture running on Kubernetes. You will see how the BFF pattern can be simplified by implementing GraphQL schema stitching to reduce several microservices calls to just one. With this example, you will see why GraphQL is taking over microservices at large, progressive organizations, and how you can implement it with Spring’s GraphQL library.