Dec 6–8, 2022San Francisco


Spring Boot ❤’s Buildpacks

Track: Programming Tools

Whether you’re deploying to Docker, Kubernetes, or a different runtime, the constant across all of them is that you need an OCI image to deploy your code. OCI images are a standard and supported everywhere. This is why Spring Boot so helpfully provides commands to generate OCI images from your application using Cloud Native Buildpacks. But why buildpacks?

We could tell you, but it’s better if we show you. This talk will be primarily demonstrations through which we hope to show you why Spring Boot loves buildpacks. This will include demonstrations of the awesome features you get just by using the Paketo Java buildpack, like automatic JVM memory adjustment, the ability to easily toggle on and off debugging features, and support for hot reloading your application when deployed to Kubernetes.

When the talk is over, we hope you’ll understand why Spring Boot loves buildpacks but also how the tool can improve your developer experience.