Dec 6–8, 2022San Francisco


People, Process, and Technology: The Winning Formula to Execute the Next-Gen Wealth Management Product at Northern Trust

Track: Case Studies

Years ago, when we built a desktop and mobile applications to support conversations between Northern Trust’s most important clients and their advisors, it was initially seen as innovative. But since then, our competitors have caught up, and our clients’ expectations around these interactions have changed, too.

Yet, it was challenging to make the necessary changes to adapt to this new landscape due to this application’s monolithic architecture and aging technologies. In response, we decided to rewrite our existing software and create a new streamlined web application. Existing consultancy firms couldn’t transform; we hired another consultancy to build it, but they weren’t able to deliver.

As the expression goes, “Third time’s a charm,” and we’ve finally found the winning formula in our modernization approach. In this session, we’ll talk about the people, process, and technology changes we implemented that have allowed us to build the working software to meet our business’ needs.