Dec 6–8, 2022San Francisco


Modernising Applications for Telco of the Future

Track: Case Studies

With the introduction of 5G in Singapore and increase in technology-savvy customers, we’re in a journey on working towards modernisation of Singtel’s customer-serving backend services layer. It’s an ongoing project titled Backend as a Service (BaaS), that will serve all our customer-facing channels and enable existing and future digital product offerings and services through a unified interface.

Under BaaS, the sole focus is to revolutionise how we build, deploy, and maintain microservices by developing standardised common libraries, tools, frameworks, and service development guidelines.

We present the steps we’re taking to gradually introduce new architectures, technology upgrades, breaking down monoliths, and building “Internal Open Source” model along with our own “Developer Advocate Program” to help developers achieve the best-quality software.

Our technology stack is Spring based, so we also discuss frameworks we have built in-house on top of Spring ‘s Reactive stack.