Dec 6–8, 2022San Francisco


It’s 10 PM: Do You Know Where Your Relational Data Store Is?

Track: Beginner-Friendly Spring

Relational databases dominate our lives. Despite the splurge in NoSQL datastores over the last decade, people will still reach for a relational data store 4 out of 5 times for their next project.

But when it comes to choosing what tool to use, the choices can be intimidating. Spring Framework has had JdbcTemplate for years. Or should you use Spring Data JPA? With Spring Data JDBC and Spring R2DBC joining the team in the last half decade, you may now feel overwhelmed.

Find out the pros and cons of each, and where each module shines. Learn how to choose with confidence…and how you may even want to use multiple modules to tame your relational data store in your next project!