Dec 6–8, 2022San Francisco


How to Escape the Legacy Trap: A Proven Strategy for Application Modernization

Track: People, Process, and Culture

Sadly, older applications and services too often slow down business innovation, usually stopping innovation completely. Indeed, 76% of executives said they are too invested in legacy applications to change. They’re caught in the legacy trap! The older your IT, the more it will cost in money and time to evolve. Organizations simply can’t figure out how to prioritize this invisible work over adding new features and apps. The fix is to reorient how you prioritize modernization work from a technical perspective to a business perspective. An application modernization strategy that focuses on business capabilities delivered will fare better than a strategy that focuses on “fixing the old stuff.” This talk will cover the business-driven methodology that many organizations have used to escape the legacy trap, based on actual customer stories and years of experience from our team.