Dec 6–8, 2022San Francisco


How Netflix Really Uses Java Today

Track: Platforms and Stacks

Netflix is (in)famous for the way we develop our systems. Microservices, RxJava, Hystrix, and Spring Cloud Netflix are just a few things that developers often associate with Netflix. All these things played an important role in our ecosystem at some point in time, but the Netflix architecture and tech stack is ever evolving. Now that Netflix is also one of the biggest film studios, we have many more systems, services, and teams involved, and of course we need to be prepared for the ever-growing scale.

In this talk, we’ll discuss the current Netflix architecture(s), how and why we evolved from previous iterations, and our Java tech stack. We’ll debunk some myths and give you a view into how we develop services today. We’ll go into topics such as Java frameworks, the move away from RxJava, GraphQL Federation, gRPC, developer tooling, and what microservices really means.

You’ll hopefully learn from our mistakes and also be prepared for the next time someone tries to win an argument.