Dec 6–8, 2022San Francisco


Getting Started with Spring Functions for Knative

Track: Beginner-Friendly Spring

From “Hello fun” to event processing with Knative in 25 minutes. All you need to know is a bit of Java to write a function, the rest can be provided by tooling. This includes project dependencies as well as configurations for deployment. So what are the different ways available for running Spring Boot based functions on Knative? We can create a simple “Spring Cloud Function” web app and deploy it as a Knative Service. We can also write a plain Java function and deploy it using “Function Buildpacks for Knative.” Another option is to use the “kn func” CLI to generate a project and then build and deploy it using the “kn” CLI’s “func” plugin. We’ll look at all of these options and then dive into some of the Knative Eventing features we can utilize for processing Cloud Events.