Dec 6–8, 2022San Francisco


Five Simple Rules About Problems

Track: People, Process, and Culture

Problem solving is central to an agile product team. But how do you know which problems to solve? More importantly, how can you tell which problems you shouldn't? Lean product management is all about reducing waste and maximizing value. But waste still abounds. Features are built that never ship. Architecture-up-front prepares teams for a future of scale that never happens. Or, long after the performance problem has been addressed, a performance team is still laser-focused on improving a number that’s been good enough for a year.

The easiest way to reduce waste is that you find work that doesn’t need to be done, and then you don’t do it.

In this talk, you’ll hear stories of work that didn’t need to be done, and learn five rules that would’ve helped. Each rule is short, simple, and memorable, ensuring ease of use in planning conversations. You’ll learn how to apply these rules in any business context, and save yourself time and money.