Dec 6–8, 2022San Francisco


Event-Driven Simplified with AsyncAPI + Spring Cloud Stream

Track: Intermediate/Advanced Spring

Developing event-driven applications can be difficult. Developers are faced with many challenges, including having to learn different APIs and protocols for each messaging system and having no standardized way to define asynchronous applications. In this talk, Oleg and Marc will talk about the Spring Cloud Stream (SCSt) project and the rise of AsyncAPI as solutions to these challenges.

SCSt is a framework for building scalable, event-driven microservices and AsyncAPI is an open source initiative that defines a specification to define async/event-driven applications in a standardized way. AsyncAPI also provides tooling, such as code generators, to help simplify the development process.

This talk will include a live demo of how a developer can define an event-driven app using AsyncAPI, generate a SCSt microservice using the AsyncAPI Generator, and code it up without having to learn messaging APIs. Afterwards you’ll realize that becoming event-driven is no longer as daunting!