Dec 6–8, 2022San Francisco


Demystifying Git: Version Control from First Principles

Track: Programming Tools

If you ask most people how Git actually works under the covers, they’ll tell you they don't really know.

Git can do many amazing things, from providing a path to automation for almost any workflow to autocorrecting typos in the terminal. But unless you know a little more about how it works, these advanced workflows stay a dark art.

This session will peel back the shroud of mystery that envelops Git, showing that there is nothing overly complex or terrifying about the inner workings of the world’s most popular version control system. This talk is for everyone, from the complete Git novice to folks who have been pushing code for years but maybe have never stopped to look at how Git does its thing.

In this session, we’ll cover:

  • A tour of .git folder
  • Branches might not be what you think they are
  • Rebase is your friend (I swear!)
  • How reflog can save the day
  • The power of Git bisect
  • Git worktree, a power feature that feels too good to be real
  • And more...