Dec 6–8, 2022San Francisco


A Practical Guide to Containerizing Your Spring Boot Application

Track: Platforms and Stacks

You’ve spent your time as a developer honing your Spring Boot skills and are proud of the end result. But now it’s time to prepare your application for deployment to the cloud...? There’s an argument to be made that deployment concerns are beyond the responsibility of developers; however, understanding how an application is packaged for deployment may directly affect development decisions! In this session, you’ll learn the most important aspects to consider when containerizing. This talk will focus on the building of container images for Spring Boot projects: avoiding common gotchas in Dockerfiles, handling dependencies appropriately to address security concerns, choosing an appropriate base image or customizing one to manage size, and understanding the differences between building container images with tools like Docker, Buildah, Kaniko, Buildpacks, and Maven or Gradle plugins.