, 2021

2021 Workshops

Getting Started with Spring Boot

Spring Boot makes it easy to create standalone, production-grade Spring-based applications that you can "just run." We take an opinionated view of the Spring platform and third-party libraries so you can get started with minimum fuss. Most Spring Boot applications need minimal Spring configuration.

In this 90-minute workshop, you’ll get a quick introduction to key Spring Boot concepts, and learn how to quickly build a working Spring Boot application.

Topics include:

  • The three core features of Spring Boot upon which everything else builds
  • Maven or Gradle? Java or Kotlin? Which version of Boot should you use? Why?
  • Getting started creating Spring Boot apps
  • Hello world! Creating your first Spring Boot REST API
  • Adding database access to your Spring Boot app

And anything else we can fit into the session. Come and see what the excitement is all about!


  • Basic Java development skills and familiarity with at least one IDE
  • Familiarity with running basic OS commands from a command prompt or PowerShell



Gagandeep Kaur

Software Engineer at VMware

Rosie Gollancz

Software Engineer at VMware