, 2021

2021 Workshops

Building Rock-Solid, Event-Driven Streaming Architectures with VMware Tanzu RabbitMQ and Spring

Historically, reliably connecting all of the disparate sources of information across an organization was hard. You had to not only deploy, configure, and scale the middleware, but also architect and build the required connectors. There were queue policies to set and synchronization modes to understand. You also had to handle the transient nature of a message queue, ensuring the data reached even those applications that joined late.

Now, VMware Tanzu RabbitMQ offers a number of new paradigms that greatly increase the resilience of your event-driven architectures:

  • Quorum queues, a data-safe queue type based on the popular Raft consensus algorithm to maintain consistency
  • Streams, which allows for higher persistence, throughput, and fanout whilst maintaining the ease of operation one would expect from RabbitMQ
  • Active/passive topology, providing a higher-order level of automation and orchestration to enable process-once

This workshop shows you how to configure Tanzu RabbitMQ for various levels of resiliency, from local broker node message acknowledgements all the way up to multisite replication. We’ll explore how to use the newest data structure in RabbitMQ—Streams—for resiliency and high throughput.

Find out how Spring Cloud Data Flow utilizes Tanzu RabbitMQ to connect sources, sinks, and processors. Build common event-driven architectures that can act as the backbone of any modern application.

Attendees will learn:

  • How to deploy a production-grade, resilient RabbitMQ using the Kubernetes Cluster Operator
  • How to create resilient messaging topologies, using a combination of existing AMQP semantics and the Messaging Topology Operator
  • How to utilize quorum queues and why they’re better than classic mirrored queues
  • How to configure queues and set policies to ensure no message loss
  • How to use RabbitMQ Streams for resiliency and throughput
  • How to reliably use Tanzu RabbitMQ with Spring Cloud Data Flow, Spring Cloud Streams, and Spring Boot with RabbitMQ
  • How to deploy an active/passive topology across multiple sites, ensuring business continuity


  • Git
  • Mvn
  • Java 11
  • IDE (Strigo uses VSCode by default)



Wayne Lund