, 2021

2021 Workshops

Building Faster Cloud Native Applications at Scale with VMware Tanzu GemFire

This workshop explores the use of VMware Tanzu GemFire for fast access to application data with strong consistency and high availability. You’ll walk away from this interactive, hands-on session with a better understanding of the following:

  • How developers can use the Tanzu GemFire Operator to quickly instantiate GemFire
  • How availability of data can be maintained in light of node/pod failures and or whole site failures
  • How to take advantage of Tanzu GemFire availability build resilience into your applications
  • How to build, run, and test your applications at scale
  • Using Spring Data and Spring Boot abstractions for Tanzu GemFire
  • How developers can configure applications to enable Tanzu GemFire for caching based on design patterns widely used in cloud native applications
  • How to configure GemFire persistence for high availability and fault tolerance
  • How to set up multiple WAN replication clusters for active-active or active-passive GemFire clusters


  • Basic Java development skills, including the ability to run Apache Maven commands
  • Basic understanding of Spring Data, Spring Caching, Spring Boot, and Spring Test
  • Familiarity with running basic OS commands from a command prompt



Wayne Lund

Charlie Black