, 2021

2021 Workshops

DevSecOps for Spring Boot Applications

Traditional application security approaches are disruptive and challenging to incorporate into modern enterprise software delivery. Organizations can effectively build application security into enterprise delivery by automating security within the developer stack, enabling developers to make real-time decisions based on continuous security telemetry, and scaling security across the entire application portfolio.

In this workshop, attendees will use Azure Spring Cloud, Contrast Security, and GitHub Actions to enhance your application security posture, accelerate developer throughput, and incorporate DevSecOps methodologies and best practices into the base of all your Spring Boot applications.

This workshop will cover the following:

  • Basic methods attackers use to exploit a vulnerable application
  • How to onboard an Azure Spring Boot application with the Contrast Security agent
  • How to extend security into SDLC automation using GitHub Actions and Contrast Security
  • Vulnerability discovery in runtime with full-stack traces and remediation guidance
  • Best practices for securing open source libraries and packages based on class usage
  • Where to view real-time application attack telemetry
  • How to leverage exploit prevention capabilities




Mark Tomcza

Johnathan Gilday

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