, 2021 ·


Streaming Applications—The Easy Way!

(90 min)

The world generates an unfathomable amount of data every minute of every day, and it continues to multiply at a staggering rate. Companies in every industry are shifting from batch processing to real-time data streams and event-driven architectures to keep up with modern business requirements. This influx of real-time data also means more complexity.

Luckily, cloud-native principles can be used to simplify the management of complex systems and full-stack architectures. In this hands-on workshop, attendees will learn how to build and run applications and a complete event streaming platform across multiple Kubernetes environments using a cloud-native approach. We will walk through a complete set of workflows where participants will:

  • Launch Minikube for a local development environment and Tanzu Kubernetes Grid for production
  • Deploy applications and the Confluent for Kubernetes platform for data in motion across both environments
  • Easily mirror data from the production environment to the development environment
  • Manage infrastructure declaratively and use GitOps to safely update applications in production


Participants should have the following prerequisites prepared prior to the workshop:

  • Minikube installed and running on their local development environment. This should be any recent version of Minikube released in 2021, and should be set up with 8G memory and 4 CPU.
  • kubectl CLI installed at the latest version.
  • Docker Hub account.
  • The latest version of Docker Desktop installed and running locally.


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