, 2021

2021 Speakers

Arijit Sarbagna

Director - Agile & DevSecOps, Atos

Arijit comes with an unique blend of development, leadership and entrepreneurial background. In his career spanning over 22 years, he has not only worked on multiple technology stacks, but has also worked with multiple organizations in diversified roles and portfolios. He has been a keen "agile" follower since his early development days with start-ups, and has passionately carried this practice to other organizations as well. In this process, Arijit has earned a reputation and is well known for increasing business profitability, cost optimization and building high-performing teams using agile methodologies - across industry domains.

He has worked with Dr. Jeff Sutherland and is recognized as a “Scrum Fellow“ by Scrum Inc. He has also been a speaker across several events on diversified topics e.g. Regional and Global Scrum Gathering, DevOps World, WL Agile Day, DevOps Summit India, UX Summit Kolkata, Blockchain Contest by TechGig, DevSecOps Day Pittsburg 2021 by SEI CMU

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