, 2021

2021 Breakout Sessions

Start Counting: How We Unlocked Platform Efficiency and Reliability While Saving Over $730,000


Track: Agile Leadership

With the ever-growing challenges and need for innovation in the competitive financial industry, the Manulife platform team was determined to find a way to improve its platform efficiency and reliability, while unlocking the cost-saving potential of its global PCF deployments.

Partnering with VMware Tanzu Labs, the Manulife team worked on an identified set of platform optimizations that resulted in reduced upgrade and backup times, and less downtime for developers without compromising their application performance. The end result of these platform optimizations led to a successful and staggering saving of over $730,000 in costs.

This session will show attendees how a set of platform optimization having the minimal developer to no application downtime, led to a huge result. This was not without challenges, so we’ll explore how we developed solid strategies, which attendees can take away for their own organizations.

Alvin Coch

Senior Platform Reliability Engineer
Manulife Financial

David Filippelli

Lead Site Reliability Engineer

David Wu

Senior Staff Solutions Architect
VMware Tanzu Labs