, 2021

2021 Breakout Sessions

Treating Security Like a Product


Track: Cloud Native Platforms

In software development organizations, security is often treated as an afterthought and tacked on at the end of the development processes versus being integrated throughout the entire software development lifecycle. This is frequently because development teams and security personnel alike see security as an external requirement instead of as an added, shared, and necessary benefit of building and deploying resilient and reliable software.

Hannah Hunt, Chief of Product and Innovation at the Army Software Factory in Austin, and Alex Barbato, VMware Modern Compliance Architect, will explain from their experiences in multiple organizations how security can be treated like a product to create stronger security outcomes in products and ultimately speed up the time to delivery.

This session will leave you with a better understanding of the benefits of elevating the importance of treating security as a product that improves the delivery and reliability of software applications.

Alex Barbato

Solutions Architect

Hannah Hunt

Chief Product and Innovation Officer
U.S. Army Software Factory