, 2021 ·

Breakout Sessions

Transporting Data at Warp Speed: How to connect Spring Boot apps quickly, powerfully, & painlessly

Track: Architecture

As all aspects of our lives become more distributed and the galaxy gets ever smaller - some day we'll go anywhere in the alpha quadrant at warp speed, wait and see! - applications become more interconnected as well. Distributed systems are the future, and anyone who says otherwise is probably selling monoliths.

With the number of applications and cloud regions expanding at a dizzying rate, communication is key. In this session, the presenter leads attendees on a live-coding adventure exploring various powerful options for data transport among your critical services. Topics covered may include some or all of the following, or more:

* Reactive Streams

* Server Sent Events

* WebSocket

* RSocket

* Message-based interactions using messaging platforms, e.g. RabbitMQ, Kafka

All examples will be coded *live & in real-time* using live flight and weather data. Come to this session to learn how to use all of the tools in Engineering to enable your Enterprise to transport Data at warp speed!