, 2021


Track: Intermediate/Advanced Spring

GraphQL is a relatively new but well-established alternative to REST for exposing web APIs that is rapidly becoming a popular choice for web and mobile clients due to its ease of use and degree of control.

Spring GraphQL is a new project developed in collaboration between Spring and GraphQL Java contributors that aims to provide a solid foundation for developing Spring Boot GraphQL applications.

In this talk, you’ll learn directly from the developers of the project about its creation, what it provides, and about its goals. The talk will include only a brief introduction of GraphQL concepts. If you’re new to GraphQL, you should be able to get insight into the technology and benefits. If you’re an expert, you’ll have an opportunity to hear about the project from the developers, so you can form your own opinion, and of course we’ll want to hear from you!

Andreas Marek

Software Architect

Rossen Stoyanchev

Senior Staff