, 2021 ·

Breakout Sessions

Spring Boot - Production Boost

Track: Beginner-Friendly Spring

The Spring ecosystem provides you with all you need for building modern applications. In this session, I will highlight useful futures in five areas to get your applications ready for production.

* JVM and Containerization. Producing efficient Spring Boot images with Cloud Native Buildpacks, configuring CPU and memory for the JVM, and handling container resources in Kubernetes.

* Configuration. Avoiding common mistakes when using profiles, planning a configuration strategy using property files, configuration services, and Kubernetes.

* Data Integration. Managing schemas and data with Flyway directly from Spring Boot, for imperative and reactive apps.

* Testing. Leveraging sliced test for targeted integration tests, using mock servers, and relying on Testcontainers for environment parity.

* Monitoring. Configuring health probes for Kubernetes, securing the management endpoints, taking a heap dump, and troubleshooting performance.